Xylan from corncob 50 g – Carbosynth


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Xylan – from corncob, MW 300-900

In their simplest forms, xylans are linear homopolymers of β-1,4-xylose residues. In nature, they are partially substituted by acetyl, 4-O-methyl-D-glucuronosyl and α-1,3 L-arabinofuranosyl residues, forming complex heterogenous and polydispersed glycans. An example of this is in the L-arabino (methyl-D-glucurono) xylan from corn cob.


Product Code: YC05381
Synonyms: Poly[b-(1,4)-D-xylopyranose]
CAS Number: 9014-63-5
Appearance: White to yellow powder
Assay: min 95%
Loss on drying: max 5%

Xylan from corncob 50 g – Carbosynth
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