High-Stability PCR Kit – Genscript


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GenScript High-Stability PCR Kit contains Green Taq DNA polymerase, 10× Taq buffer, and Stabilized dNTP Mix, 10 mM Each, all specially formulated for increased stability using our proprietary technology. The kit can be stored at 4℃. for over six months or at room temperature (25℃) for one month without significant loss of activity. The stabilizers in the buffers also increase the stability of Green Taq DNA polymerase at higher temperature (72℃), increasing the DNA yield of PCR amplifications of long DNA. This kit facilitates quick and easy PCR setup without any need for thawing. This kit can also be used in high-throughput assays in which all the PCR reagents need to be ready and stable for PCR setup at any time.

High-Stability PCR Kit – Genscript
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