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Tyrosinase is of great interest to drug discovery, life science research, food industry and cosmetics industry since it plays an important role in the biosynthetic pathway of melanin. The development and screening of tyrosinase inhibitors has received great attentions to melanoma related illnesses. Tyrosinase levels and activity are highly upregulated in melanoma and considered to a reliable test to monitor melanoma related illnesses. AAT Bioquest has developed Amplite™ Colorimetric Tyrosinase Assay Kit. It is a simple, one-step and reliable assay for monitoring tyrosinase activity with very high sensitivity. The assay uses a proprietary substrate colorless solution that significantly increases its absorption at 510 nm upon reaction with tyrosinase. The increases in absorption at 510 nm is well correlated with tyrosinase activity. The assay kit is designed to be run with a microplate reader.


Absorbance microplate reader
Absorbance 510 nm
Recommended plate White plate/Clear bottom


Component A: Tyrosinase Standard 1 vial
Component B: Assay Buffer 1 bottle (20 mL)
Component C: Tyrosinase Substrate 1 vial
Component D: Tyrosinase Enhancer 1 vial (100 µL)
Amplite™ Colorimetric Tyrosinase Assay Kit, 100 Tests – AAT Bioquest
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