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Microcentrifuge - RWD


  • Temperature control range: -10 °C to +40 °C, only take 8 minutes from room temperature to 4℃ (Fast temperature mode);the temperature remains 4℃ at the highest speed
  • Touch screen as well as push-button design, for clearer display of the parameter and easier operation
  • RT mode and Cooling mode, one keyboard toggle.
  • Automatic countdown display mode under unmanned status
  • Highly intelligent analysis software:The LCD display allows you to preprogram 30 programs simultaneously for directly use
  • Multiple abnormal alarm including over-speed, over-temperature, as well as unbalance, ensuring the safety of the operation of the user.
  • Rear-mounted compressor design, saving space

Applications :

  • pelleting nucleic acids or proteins from solution
  • gather drops of liquid into the bottom of the tube
  • microfiltration of small aqueous samples