Accuris Analytical balances incorporate electromagnetic sensor technology and precision mechanical components to offer superior weight determinations to a fraction of a milligram. Two capacity ranges are available in the Analytical Balance line to weigh samples up to 120g or 210g. Readability for both ranges is 0.0001g (0.1mg).

  • Readability to 0.0001g (0.1 mg).
  • Available with Quick-Cal™ internal calibration feature.
  • RS232 port for data output to a computer or printer.
  • Multiple mode options (standard weighing, count mode, & percent).

Accuris offers a full line of calibration weights that are ideal for confirmation of proper calibration and to check linearity of your balance across its full weighing range.  The 6 piece, Class E2 set includes highly polished, stainless steel weights ranging from 100mg to 100g.  This set is well suited for use with 4-digit analytical balances, such as the W3100-120 or W3100-210 series.

Available with Quick-Cal™ auto calibration FEATURE
Class E2 Calibration Set
Jual Accuris Analytical Balances
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