Recommended transport media for coronavirus disease (COVID-19):


3C036NHL – Best Choice NP Swab + 3 ML UTM tube: BEST SELLER for nasopharyngeal swabs
3C038NHL – Regular Flocked Swab + 3ML UTM: perfect for oropharyngeal swabs with vial

COVID-19 Viral RNA Extraction Kit

Cat.NoProduct DescriptionSize
312-150RibospinTM vRD plus!50 preps

Ribospin™ vRD provides a convenient method for isolation of RNA and DNA from cell-free fluid, cell culture supernatant, plasma, serum, swab, urine, and virus-infected samples. Ribospin™ vRD procedures employed the glassfiber membrane technology for the fastest and the most convenient of high purity RNA and DNA isolation, instead of conventional alcohol precipitation or phenol/chloroform extraction. Ribospin™ vRD buffer system provides the effective binding condition of RNA and DNA to glassfiber membrane through mix with lysis and binding buffers. And then the impurities on the membrane are washed away by two different wash buffers. At last, pure RNA and DNA are eluted by nuclease-free water. Whole procedure may take only 20 minutes and the eluate is suitable for PCR, RT-PCR or any downstream application without further manipulation. Ribospin™ vRD plus! kit offers carrier RNA for purification of nucleic acid from very small amounts of sample.

SARS-CoV-2 qRT-PCR Detection Assay

Cat. No.NameSize
SC1618SARS-CoV-2 qPCR detection 1-plex assay-ORF1ab100 reactions
SC1618SARS-CoV-2 qPCR detection 1-plex assay-N100 reactions
SC1618SARS-CoV-2 qPCR detection 1-plex assay-RdRP100 reactions
SC1618SARS-CoV-2 qPCR detection 1-plex assay-E100 reactions
1-step, 1-plex assay componentsVol (μl)/Kit (100 reactions)
2×One Step Mix1000
One step enzyme mix100
50×ROX Dye 140
50×ROX Dye 240
Forward Primer (10 μM)40
Reverse Primer (10 μM)40
Probe (10 μM)20
RNase-free water1000
Positive control plasmid (1 pg/μl)100

MyGo Pro real-time PCR System

MyGo Pro instrument

The MyGo Pro real-time PCR instrument provides unmatched performance in a convenient format. Novel Full Spectrum Optics deliver 120 optical channels of fluorescence data from every tube in parallel, with no moving parts, for reliable multiplex PCR. High performance Peltier elements, and solid silver blocks, provide both speed and world leading thermal uniformity. The result is rapid, precise, quantitative PCR and melting point analysis. Advanced algorithms combined with an intuitive user interface support a broad range of applications, operating systems and connection options. Performance made easy…

Complete Solution for COVID-19 Testing
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