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Laboratory Equipment & Workspaces

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Fulfill Your Equipment Needs

Variety Of Lab Equipment On Sale

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Variety Of Lab Equipment On Sale

Best Lab Equipments In Town

Our Range Of New Equipment And Laboratory Furniture Is Truly Amazing And Astounding

Best Lab Equipments In Town

Dependable Secondhand Equipment

We Also Hold The Largest Range Of Used Laboratory Equipment In The UK

Dependable Secondhand Equipment

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We supply a wide range of brand new equipment for the research laboratory.: Elisa reader, Real Time Thermal cycler, Electrophoresis, Nucleic acid extraction automation, Microscopes and more.

Buy Research material and fine chemical

We provided you with high quality of research material and fine chemical such as elisa kits, PCR or QPCR Kits, and many other things to support your research.

Buy Diagnostic Laboratory Material

We also support diagnostic reagent and equipment with excellence quality materials. So, you can provide the best results for your diagnostic needs.

Company Profile

AHMBiotech Indonesia was established in 2014. It’s a Life Science Division, which handling importing, sales and marketing mainly on Biotechnology, Microbiology and Life Science products. AHMBIO born from our eagerness to provide Researchers, Life Science Practitioners and Science Industries a fast and dedicated support on Biotechnology, Microbiology and Life Science products supply.

We support customers from Academic and Research Centers, Hospital and Clinical Laboratories, Manufactures and Industries, and even more. We are working our best to provide our Customers with best quality products in top grade service with reasonable prices. For us, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Vission and Mission

Establishing our newborn AHMBIO and nurturing it to be the Top player in Life sciences and the backbone of CV. AHM Biotech Indonesia is our vision.

To support our vision, we have missions that need to be accomplished, and there are be the best services company, under promise and over deliver our commitment, and be an inspirational place for work, create, and grow.

Product & Services

We support broad range of product from Primer, DNA sequencing & PCR Reagents, to Research Instrument & Consumables, and many more.


We provide more than 7,000 types of Elisa kits with stable product quality as well as available publications. Offering a variety of ELISA kits to detect and quantify proteins and small molecule antigens in samples such as serum, plasma, saliva, cell culture supernatant, and urine.


We provide a broad range of high-quality Primary and Secondary antibodies such as Anti-Epitope tag, Immune Checkpoint, Cas 9 and more. All our antibodies are thoroughly tested to ensure the highest level of specificity, sensitivity, and reproducibility.

Molecular Biology

We provide high quality, cost-efficient molecular biology reagents for fast, reliable DNA purification and analysis. Our reagents’ enhanced sensitivity facilitates optimal performance to extract and purify DNA ensuring rapid, accurate results.

Laboratory Chemicals

Fine chemicals are frequently used as starting materials for specialty chemicals, and various reagents. Including protecting reagents for alcohols, fluorine donors, oxidizing agents, detection agents and chelating agents. 


For chromatography applications, our principle is a worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of high-value silica-based and specialty products for chromatography, analytical, and organic chemistry.

Laboratory Design and Instrumentation

We also provide our customer with Laboratory design and also many laboratory instruments and equipment such as Biosafety Cabinet, Autoclave, Centrifuge, PCR Thermal Cycler, Real-Time PCR Instrument, Microplate ELISA Reader, Electrophoresis, Analytical Balance, pH Meter, etc.
We will provide consultancies in your research and needs, right now we already supporting plant cultures consultancies from Plant Culture expert, and we will provide even more broad range consultancies in year to come.

Our Customers


We were really impressed with AHM Biotech Indonesia. Within a week of placing the advertisement, we had received 2 inquiries, one of which resulted in a sale.


I am pleased we have found AHM Biotech Indonesia. They are a perfect partner in the field of the second-hand laboratory equipment business.


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