AHM Biotech Indonesia

Jual bahan kimia dan alat laboratorium. Your trusted partner for lab supplies.

Kami menyediakan ELISA Kit, Antibody, PCR Kit & Reagents, Chemicals, HPLC, Mikrobiologi dan Lab Equipments dari beberapa brand manufacture terbaik dengan produk yang berkualitas.


AHM Biotech Indonesia born from dreams and hopes of her Founders. Providing medium to accomplish success for all. We aim to serves our best to our Customers so that Our names will be implicated as “Best Services Company”.

AHM Biotech Indonesia was established in 2014. It’s a Life Science Division, which handling importing, sales and marketing mainly on Biotechnology, Microbiology and Life Science products.

AHM Biotech Indonesia born from our eagerness to provide Researchers and Industries a fast and dedicated support on Biotechnology, Microbiology and Life Science products supply.


Establishing as the top player in Life-sciences provider is our vision. Our missions are be the best services company, under promise and over deliver our commitment, and be an inspirational place for work, create, and grow.


AHM Biotech Indonesia with GenScript USA, providing you with comprehensive molecular biology services, including:

  • Gene Synthesis
  • Protein Expression
  • Peptide Synthesis
  • Antibody Services
  • CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing
  • Discovery & Development
  • Bioanalytics


We support broad range of product from Primer, DNA sequencing & PCR Reagents, DNA/RNA Isolation & Purification Kits, Antibody for WB, IHC, FC, Antibody Microarrays, ELISA Kit, Stem Cell reagent and Kit, Recombinant Proteins, Pure Chemical & Biochemical, Industrial & Manufacture Enzymes, HPLC Column & Chromatography, Research Instrument & Consumables, and many more.

We will provide consultancies in your research and needs, right now we already supporting plant cultures consultancies from Plant Culture expert, and we will provide even more broad range consultancies in year to come.